About Lovegrove Turf

The Lovegrove Story

Lovegrove Turf Services has been trading since 1976 starting with the farm in Wattle Grove and now includes a 220 hectare property in Gingin. With 40 years experience we provide quality turf for domestic and commerical installation.

We expanded our services into commercial renovation and are leading the way in rejuvenation of ovals and public open spaces with sand insertion. Renovation services are offered with a guarantee of uncompromising quality.

Our clients include the general public, government departments, local authorities and councils, private schools and an extensive range of public and private companies and organisations.

Quality Assured

From the smallest back yard patch of grass requiring just a few meters of roll-on lawn, to the largest sporting complex requiring turf renovation or thousands of square meters of instant turf, everyone trusts Lovegrove Turf.

Quality assured services and products are our guarantee.

Lovegrove Trucks

We deliver too! Tuesday to Saturday all over the Perth metropolitan area.


We started turf contracting providing turf services to hobby farmers such as paddock clearing.


Wattle Grove turf farm established growing Greenleas Park Couch and Wintergreen Couch.


Bought farm in Dandalup and grew Wintergreen and Kikuyu.


Planted Empire Zoysia.


Purchased farm in Gingin.


Started growing Bison Soft Leaf Buffalo.


Sold Dandelup farm.


Innovated turf services by creating the specialised service of Sand Insertion.

Get seasonal watering reminders and specials on maintenance products