Lawn care tips during Autumn

Lawn care tips during Autumn

The days are getting shorter, the mercury is dropping and soon winter will be here. It’s easy for you to get your lawn ready for the change in seasons following a few simple tips.

Autumn can be a mixed bag with the weather and rainfall so be mindful and respond to the needs of your lawn and garden.

Watering – In autumn we can get some showers of rain so on those days turn the reticulation off. Water loss by evaporation is generally lower in Autumn. Check your lawn regularly to determine if watering is required. At the moment we are experiencing an unusually warm and dry Autumn so you may still need to continue watering twice per week on your allocated watering days. If the top 100m of your lawn is wet do not water.

Lightly fertilise your lawn now with a product containing phosphate to strengthen the root system. This will insure that your lawn is able to source nutrients throughout the winter. We recommend Eco Prime Red NPK as the phosphorus is present in a soft rock form that does not leach into our water ways.

This is particularly important for Empire Zoysia so we encourage our customers to spread Eco-growth Eco-Prime Red NPK and if your grass starts to fade give it another dose

Lawns become dormant is Winter and susceptible to pest and disease. In anticipation, we recommend some preemptive weed removal. Autumn is the season in which weeds begin to germinate. Stopping them before they have a chance to develop a strong root system is vital in weed reduction in the cooler months to come.

Sun is vital in the development of new growth in any plant. In the cooler months when we have more cloud cover and less direct sun lawn owners will find that there lawn may show signs of stress. This may be in the form of discolouration, sparse growth patterns, slow repair and evidence of weed growth. There are things you can do to lessen the effects of the change in seasons;

  • Set your mower to cut higher than you would in summer to increase sun absorption.
  • To get an even surface always cut your lawn when it is dry.
  • Make sure your mower blades are sharp to ensure a clean cut, healthy lawn.
  • Never take more than one third of the total leaf length off.
  • Remove sun blocking objects from the lawn surface and surroundings to increase sun availability.

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