Lawn Survivial Guide

Lawn Survivial Guide

Have you or your landscaper recently laid a quality Lovegrove lawn? Our lawn survival guide will help your new lawn establish and stay healthy all year round.

Follow the steps below to ensure the health and longevity of your lawn.

During the first few weeks, avoid heavy or concentrated use of your new lawn to give it an opportunity to establish.


We recommend using a professionally designed fixed reticulation system. To check how well your reticulation system is working – use catch cups or straight sided clear containers. We have catch cups available free of charge at our sales office, call 9453 6222 for more information.

Place the catch cups around your lawn; turn on the reticulation, then time how long it takes to fill the catch cups up to the 10mm line.

Catch Cup Placement

This is how long you should set your timer for. If there is more than a 20% variation in the amount of water in each cup, there may be a problem with the coverage.

An adjustment will need to be made to rectify this or your lawn will become patchy.

Catch Cups

Watering exemptions can be obtained by contacting the Water Corporation's Waterwise Helpline on 13 13 85.

We recommend following the watering schedule below for the first two months during Summer:

Week 1 - Three times a day just before dawn, 10am and 3pm

Week 2 - Two times a day – just before dawn and noon

Week 3 - Once daily – before dawn

Weeks 4 - 8 - Every second day before dawn

Week 8 onward - Two times a week before dawn.

As you decrease frequency increase the volume to 20mm.

After 8 weeks, if temperatures exceed 34oC on consecutive days, subsequent watering sessions will be required. In the first year your lawn may require extra water during the hot summer months.

Generally, once established, two watering days a week will suffice. If there is a problem with your reticulation your lawn will show signs of water stress by going a silvery blue colour and/or curl its leaf before it goes brown.

[water stress image]


Your lawn should be fertilised throughout the year with special focus on the start of each season.

Zoysia needs to be fertilised every 6 – 8 weeks for the first 12 months.

[should there be a note about fertiliser volumes and application? maybe even refer to fert. bag instructions?]

Follow the fertiliser schedule below to ensure your lawn stays healthy:

December - Lightly fertilise for Summer
March - Lightly fertilise for Autumn
May - Heavily fertilise for Winter
September - Heavily fertilise for Spring


When your lawn begins to look untidy it is probably time to mow – depending on the weather this should usually be 2 – 3 weeks after installation. Mow often, generally removing no more than 1/3 of the leaf. To keep lawn looking its best we recommend the use of a reel mower especially for Wintergreen and to keep your mower blades sharp.

Half mowed lawn


Seek advice before spraying turf less than 6 months old. Make sure with Buffalo lawn that you use a product that is specifically suitable for Buffalo lawn. If possible avoid use of chemicals on young turf.

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