New Installation Watering Guide

New Installation Watering Guide

For efficient water use and to maintain a healthy lawn you need a professionally designed automatic reticulation system.

The spray from each sprinkler should land at the base of the sprinkler next to it (head to head coverage). Check sprinklers intermittently for blockages or damage.

Hoses and moveable sprinklers are inefficient and less likely to provide even coverage.

Your lawn needs to be kept moist at all times during the establishment period. A dry lawn is more susceptible to disease and health problems in general. (See below for watering schedule).

Over the first 8 weeks, reduce the frequency of watering but increase the amount per session when reducing to every second day (see below).

Remember when there is wind, your sprinklers will not perform as they should and extra watering may be required.

Soft leaf buffalo may need supplementary watering during the summer heat waves if in full sun.

Amending your soils with Bentonite clay and humus soil conditioners will help to reduce water usage.

Sub surface irrigation – if you have sub surface irrigation you will need to water from above with a hose and mobile sprinkler for the first three weeks. Lovegrove Turf Services does not recommend sub-surface irrigation for Buffalo lawns.

Water Exemptions

Water Authority exemptions are available when establishing new lawns. Call 13 13 85 for details

Summer Watering Schedule

We recommend following the watering schedule below for the first two months.

(10mm per session to start with, increasing to 25mm from week 4)

Week 1: Three times a day 9 am - 12 noon - 3 pm

Week 2: Twice a day 10 am - 2 pm

Week 3: Once a day at 12 noon

Week 4 - 8: Once every 2nd day in the morning

Week 8 onwards: Twice a week in the morning

After 8 weeks, if temperatures exceed 34°C on consecutive days, subsequent watering sessions by hand will be required.


Need to use common sense but we recommend following schedule from week 3.

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