Shredded Turf Installation Guide

Shredded Turf Installation Guide


To secure your order we require a minimum of 3 days notice.   Prompt installation on the day of collection is crucial to establish a healthy lawn.

Soil Preparation

For best results, excavate the area to a depth of 300mm (after fixing levels) and replace with a good quality topsoil. If this is not possible you could work soil conditioners (Bentonite Clay and Humus) into the existing soil and mix to a depth of approximately 150mm (Loam is best for sandy soils). Eliminate drainage problems by having the soil slope away from foundations, etc.

Rake and smooth the soil removing rocks, roots and any debris. Leave the surface as light and fluffy as possible to allow for ploughing in the grass. Dig in organic material if available (Dynamic Lifter at 10kg/50sqm) and spread EcoGrowth's Eco-Prime Red fertiliser over area as needed, 10kg per 100sqm. This will feed the lawn essential nutrients during establishment.


These materials hold the summer heat and literally bake your grass to death. Before you install your new turf and to ensure healthy growth if you have gravel in your soil you must cover or replace it with topsoil at least 300mm deep.


Spread one bag of grass out at a time (over 75sqm) teasing the grass out to cover it as evenly as possible. Only work on one bag at a time to avoid grass drying out. Aim to get 95% of the grass under the soil, whatever is left on the surface will die.

Using the disc roller (or with a spade) work the grass into the top 30mm of soil. Each bag should take about 1—2 hours to install fully. Follow up immediately with plenty of water.


Shredded lawn is very susceptible to dehydration and dying off in the first 8 weeks after planting in Summer. The soil must be kept moist during the first 4 weeks for this reason. Follow the Watering Schedule below for Summer and use common sense at other times of year.

Summer Watering Schedule

The Lawn requires 10mm of water at each watering session until week 4 when you will need to increase it to 25mm.

Week 1: Three times a day 9 am - 12 noon - 3 pm

Week 2: Twice a day 10 am - 2 pm

Week 3: Once a day at 12 noon

Week 4 - 8: Once every 2nd day in the morning.

Week 8 onwards: Twice a week in the morning


Need to use common sense but we recommend following schedule from week 3

Water Authority exemptions are available when establishing new lawns. Call 13 13 85 for details

When you have full coverage, you should be deep watering two to three times per week to encourage deep rooting for a healthier lawn. If you apply small amounts of water at each session you risk loss to evaporation within the first two hours after the sun comes up, leaving your turf exposed to the heat of the day.

Watering with reticulation is preferred as hand watering can be inaccurate. Care should be taken to minimise watering when the wind is blowing as the amount of water that actually hits the ground will be minimal. If watering in the wind is unavoidable compensate by watering for longer.

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