Water Catch Cups

Water Catch Cups

Most people have reticulation installed but it is important to check it regularly to make sure that everything is working effectively. Using catch cups is a simple and effective way to check your coverage and water times.

How to use catch cups

We have free catch cups available at our sales office, feel free to drop in and pick up a pack. Otherwise any straight sided container (small tin) will do the same job.

Space catch cups evenly around your lawn, especially where you may have dry patchy areas.

Turn on your reticulation and start timing.

Catch Cup Placement

New Lawns — When the catch cup holds 10mm of water note the time it takes to reach this measurement.This is your initial run time required for frequent watering.

Refer to our watering guide for ongoing measurements. The 10mm per session will increase as sessions per day/week decrease.

If you have more than a 10% variation between the cups you need to adjust your reticulation system (e.g. add more sprinkler heads)

Existing Lawns Require approx. 25mm — Time how long it takes to reach this amount and set your timer accordingly. This is approximately a full cup of our catch cups or measure and mark on your containers.

If you would like more advice on how to make sure that your lawn is getting enough water, give us a call on 9453 6222 and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Watering Guide

New Lawns — We recommend following the watering schedule below for the first two months during hot weather.

10mm per session - Increasing to 25mm at week 4 

Week 1 - Three times a day just before dawn, 10am and 3pm

Week 2 - Two times a day – just before dawn and noon

Week 3 - Once daily – before dawn

Weeks 4 - 8 - Every second day before dawn

Week 8 onward - Two times a week before dawn.

After 8 weeks, if temperatures exceed 34oC on consecutive days, additional watering will be required.

Cooler Months — Common sense in Winter is needed, usually starting at week 3 for two weeks then following the schedule will be sufficient.

Spring and Autumn start from week 2.

The main concern with laying turf at any time of the year is to keep it moist and not let it dry out.

Established Lawns — Ensure your lawn is receiving around 25mm per session. This will encourage roots to go deep and stay moist for longer. Small amounts of water frequently will encourage shallow roots which will dry out quickly in the top layer of soil and will give you a ‘weak’ lawn.

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