Decompaction for prevention of thatch formation

This machine is predominately used in preventative maintenance of quality playing surfaces.

Close up of the tines of the  Aerator

The tines of the Aerator are driven beneath the surface of the turf and then rotated and vibrated in a conical motion. Maximum decompaction force is transmitted to the thatch layer and below rather than the surface.

Any mat forming in the turf is punctured and air is introduced into the soil profile to promote greater water penetration and growth.

Turf and soil showing quality of aeration

Minimal disturbance to the actual surface allows almost uninterrupted play while sporting surfaces are maintained.

By scheduling regular Aerating two or three times a year, managers can avoid the significant extra cost of more extensive renovations, as well as avoiding having their fields out of commission.

The Aerator with seed box fitted.

The Aerator can also be fitted with a seed box to combine Aerating and Over-seeding.

Following a hard flailing back or tight mowing in Autumn or early Summer, the addition of an overseed is an ideal way to add Rye or Kikuyu to the existing turf.