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Lovegrove Turf Services has been operating in the agricultural industry in Perth, WA since 1976. We have been turf farming in WA since the mid 1980’s. We apply everything we have learnt about WA soils and environmental conditions over the past 45 plus years to everything we do.

Our comprehensive range of turf services and products cover every aspect of turf care. We even build in-house our own custom machinery and modify specialty turf equipment to suit our unique WA conditions.

Our clients include the general public, government departments, local authorities and councils, private schools and an extensive range of public and private companies and organisations.

From the smallest back yard patch of grass requiring just a few meters of roll-on lawn, to the largest sporting complex requiring turf renovation or thousands of square meters of instant turf, everyone trusts Lovegrove Turf Services.

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Kikuyu, wintergreen and Sir Walter soft leaf buffalo turf and stolons are available now.

In Perth autumn and winter are a great time to install a new lawn and save money..

  • Leaf growth will be slow but those all-important roots will grow and be ready to take off when warmer temperatures return.
  • Lower evaporation rates and free rain will dramatically reduce your watering costs when establishing a new lawn.
  • New roll-on turf is also a great way to “smother” winter weeds.

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Lovely people and great at what they do
Aidan Willemsen
Excellent customer service. Thanks Guys
Lisa Moon
Great fertiliser! Great advice!
Jeremy Palmer
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