Your property’s lawn says more about its overall care and value than you probably think. When you have beautiful roll-on-lawn, it gives you curb appeal, a nice place to relax and spend time, and an attractive first impression.

Choosing the Perfect Lawn Turf for Your Perth Home

With this in mind, many Perth homeowners today are looking into lawn turf as a grass option.

If you’re interested”> turf, consider these tips to make sure that you’re finding the perfect selections for your home.

1. Consider Your Area’s Climate, Moisture Levels and Your Lawn’s Foot Traffic

If you’re deciding on lawn turf, you’ll need to consider the other variables of your property first. Perth, WA, is the sunniest capital of Australia, so you want to choose turf varieties that can withstand the hot climate. Three of the best turf options are Kikuyu, Couch & Zoysia.

Be sure that you also think about the level of foot traffic that your lawn gets regularly. You’ll be able to decide what sort of grass is best to brave these conditions. Not only that Kikuyu, Couch & Zoysia are best for hot weather, but they are also the best options for high traffic areas. These type of grass have sharp blades that can withstand the daily rigours in your Perth home lawn.

2. Research the Various Types of Lawn Turf

There are lots of different turf types you can shop for when you want what’s best for your lawn.

Some of the essential types of turf that you can get include Wintergreen Couch, Bison Buffalo, Kikuyu, Empire Zoysia, Ki-Couchi. The best people to talk to about these varieties are turf specialist and turf farm owner in Perth, WA. Here at Lovegrove Turf Services, we will not only explain to you the features of turf products, but we will also provide you with expert advice so you will get the best value out of your turf purchases.

3. Decide How Much You Want to Spend

It’s crucial to have a budget when you are trying to use lawn turf to build the perfect yard. When you have that budget in mind upfront, it’s easier to get a suitable deal.

You can easily spend between $1,250 and $6,250 for a beautiful roll-on lawn, depends on the variety you choose and the size of your property. After speaking to a few different turf lawn professionals, you’ll come away with written estimates that help you find the services that fit your budget.

4. Design and Plan How it all Fits Your Lawn

Speak to as many different turf suppliers, and professionals and request for expert advise, estimate or a free quote. Do not forget to ask about freebies and deliveries. There are turf specialists that provide free catch cups, free Eco-wet wetting agent with every minimum turf purchases, seasonal watering tips, and lawn maintenance tips.

Choosing the Right Turf

When you need the best lawn turf for your Perth home, these are the tips that you will need to keep in mind.

By investing in turf, you’ll be able to keep your lawn looking amazing while having to do a fraction of the maintenance. If you’re shopping around for lawn turf, we would be happy to help you out.

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