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Frequently Asked Questions


How long are the rolls?2019-07-15T07:07:52+00:00


How thick are the rolls?2019-07-15T07:05:38+00:00

Generally approx 30mm.

How wide are the rolls?2019-07-15T07:04:53+00:00

0.46m – Each roll is equal to 1 square metre

Can I pick up?2019-07-15T07:04:01+00:00

Yes, you can pick up your lawn from our Wattle Grove Turf Farm 6 Days a week.

If you live in northern country areas we can organise a pick up from our Gingin farm 25km North West of Gingin.

Do I need to order?2019-07-15T07:03:10+00:00

We prefer 2-3 days notice, but if you really need something today give us a call we may be able to help you.

How much lawn do I need?2019-07-15T07:01:35+00:00

You will need to measure the area that requires lawn and work out the total number of square metres (This is the length times the width).

Generally if this a rectangular shape add a few extra rolls, but if you are dealing with curves or odd shapes you may need an extra 5% to allow for cuts.

How soon can I get lawn delivered?2019-07-15T07:00:17+00:00

We require just 2 working days notice for a delivery and we deliver Tuesday through Saturday.

We are conveniently located in Wattle Grove, Just off Welshpool Rd.

Do I need retic?2019-08-19T23:58:05+00:00

Absolutely, Perth has a very harsh climate, very long periods of dry weather coupled with very high temperatures. Establishing new turf requires very frequent watering for the first 2-3 months.

Without the aid of adequate water applications, your turf will not become a strong healthy part of your garden and will always struggle.

A fixed irrigation system that is correctly installed, tested and maintained is the easiest and most efficient way to water lawns and garden beds.

No matter what type of lawn you choose we strongly recommend installing a reticulation system to maintain your lawn through Perth’s warm seasons.

How much do I need to water?2019-07-15T06:55:30+00:00

For new installation watering please see our watering schedule for the first 8 weeks.

Once your lawn has its roots established by deep watering then ongoing maintenance will require 10 to 25mm of water depending upon – the season, your soil, exposure to the sun and daily temperature. By examining the soil moisture and state of your lawn leaf you should be able to determine if your lawn requires additional watering.

How often do I need to fertilise?2019-07-15T06:55:39+00:00

Fertilising should be done all year round. We recommend that you apply smaller amounts of fertilser more frequently. If you have trouble remembering when to fertilise why not like us on Facebook for regular reminders.

How often should I mow?2019-07-15T06:55:47+00:00

Most lawns will need to be mowed fortnightly; however, watering, fertilising etc will affect your lawns growth. Regular mowing is very important. As a rule, never mow off more that 1/3 of your leaf length.

How shady is too shady for a lawn?2019-07-15T06:55:55+00:00

If you have a shaded area you need to accurately work out how many hours of sun you get per day.

There are lawns that will tolerate shade more than others, so you can give us a call and we will discuss your options.

Should I improve my soil?2019-07-15T06:56:03+00:00

Definitely yes.

Watering restrictions in Perth have forced us to think about new ways to save water. The use of plants that are more suited to our climate is an important aspect of this so choosing a deep rooting, warm season grass is the best option, however this will not do on it’s own.

Simply adding dynamic lifter to our gutless sandy soils will not support a thriving healthy lawn on two watering days a week.

After much researching, we believe the addition of calcite clays such as Bentonite and organics like humus or compost will greatly improve the soils ability to hold water, resist water repellency, and increase biological activity.

What does this mean for you? Reduced fertiliser use and improved lawn health with the minimal watering allocations.

What is shredded turf, stolons or runners and when is the best time to plant?2019-07-15T06:56:11+00:00

This is when you plant lawn runners in the ground at a ratio like 1:10 and then you wait for it to cover in time.

This is usually done as a cost effective method in large areas of land, such as school ovals or public open spaces.

There are drawbacks to using this method however, as weeds can become a problem when fertilising and watering are added to an area of previously baron land.

It is best to plant runners in the warmer months when good coverage can be achieved within 10 – 12 weeks however, in the cooler months it will take longer.

We do not supply Bison buffalo or Empire Zoysia stolons in the cooler months.

What is the best lawn for my property?2019-07-15T06:56:19+00:00

The best variety for a typical suburban site with at least 50% full sun in Perth is Empire Zoysia®; it is a premium lawn that tolerates our long, warm summers well.

If your garden will only receive 30% full sun our Bison Soft Leaf Buffalo is the best choice.

For a more cost effective choice, consider Ki-couchi or Wintergreen. Both of these lawns are wear tolerant robust lawns.

Every garden has different requirements so we encourage you to call us, tell us about your garden, your family etc and we can then help you work out what will work best for you.

When is the best time of the year to install a new lawn?2019-07-15T06:56:25+00:00

The optimal time to install a new lawn is spring, this is when the ground temperatures are warming up and if we are having, a good year there is a bit of rain around.

The extreme summer heats have not yet hit so your lawn has a chance to put its roots down and strengthen up before then.

Having said that we sell our beautiful roll on lawn all year round and have very few problems, if you prepare your soil well, follow the watering regime and have a good quality reticulation system you can lay your lawn whenever you want.

Why does my lawn lose it’s colour in the winter?2019-07-15T06:56:31+00:00

This is due to the cooling of ground temperature and the reduced amount of sunlight available to the lawn.

The grasses we must grow here in Perth are warm season grasses; they thrive in the summer months with adequate watering but will go dormant in the winter. The best way to improve winter lawn colour is to promote its health and defense in autumn.

Start by lifting your mower height slightly, this will help the lawn to capture as much of that much needed sunlight as possible by increasing the size of the leaves, and give it a nice big dose of a good quality NPK fertiliser before the ground gets cold (Before the end of May).

This way your lawn will be strong and healthy and will stay a lot greener through the dormant winter period.

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