Summer is here, and we all know how tough it can be to keep that perfectly-manicured lawn green and luscious at the best of times in this often harsh climate. Nowadays, with the extended heatwaves and dry periods of the summer months, it may seem well nigh impossible. It’s certainly a daunting, thankless chore, but luckily we have some sterling advice that might just make the difference.

Of course, there are some measures that can be taken before installation, like treating the underlying soil and making sure you choose the right variety of turf for local conditions and intended use from the outset. We can advise you on these factors, but once it’s laid, these options aren’t really available. So what can you do?

How To Keep Your Turf Green During Summer

Regular Watering

First of all, ensure that the lawn is watered regularly and evenly. Two to three times per week should be sufficient.

When Should You Schedule Your Watering?

Early morning is the ideal time to do the watering if you can, as this allows the turf to take full advantage of the moisture, absorbing it throughout the day. Absorption rates are reduced in the evening and through the night, so it’s not advisable to sprinkle at this time. Doing so can lead to accumulation of water in the soil, which can in turn provide an environment for harmful pests and fungi.

What’s The Excellent Way Of Optimising Water Efficiency?

The excellent way to optimise water efficiency is to use a wetting agent on your lawn as it allows moisture to penetrate hardened soils more effectively. A single treatment at the beginning of the growing season is usually enough to do the job.

Avoid Over Or Underwatering

Try to avoid over or underwatering. When you’ve finished watering, the first 1cm of soil should be damp, but not waterlogged. More can result in saturation; less and your turf will need to be watered more frequently, utilising greater quantities of water in the long run.

Just as it’s important to look after yourself with a healthy, balanced diet, watering your lawn correctly will result in benefits for all to see. And in these increasingly environmentally-conscious times, a well cared for lawn helps efficient use of our precious water resources, helping us all do our bit for the environment while keeping that turf resplendent.

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