As one of the most beloved and best-trodden areas of the home, looking after your Perth turf is essential if you want it to not only look great but last the distance.

Maintaining your Perth turf does require a little care and effort—but if you take the right measures consistently, you will reap great rewards.

So, If you live in Perth, WA and you want to keep your turf green with an emerald sheen all year round, here are the turf maintenance tips you need in your life.

How to Look After Your Turf The Right Way

How to Look After Your Turf The Right Way

Let’s get started.

1) Watering your turf

You probably know that grass needs regular watering to keep it alive—but, knowing how often to water your lawn will mean the difference between good and great.

In Western Australia, you should water your lawn once or twice a week for 30 minutes during the cooler months. And, during the hotter seasons, watering your lawn three to four times a week for around an hour at a time will get the very best results.

If you can, use sprinklers earlier in the day for better turf absorption and a richer more even spread of water.

For detailed advice on how to keep your turf looking green and vibrant during the summer, read our step-by-step watering guide.

2) Dethatching your turf

Once your turf takes and establishes itself, you may start to experience a build-up of mulch, leaves, and dead grass, sandwiches between the grass and soil—this is known as ‘thatch.’

An excessive build-up of thatch often stops essential moisture and nutrients from getting to your turf‘s roots—which, after a while, can kill your grass stone dead.

To keep your Perth turf in good shape, you should commit to dethatching it between once or twice a month.

To dethatch your lawn the right way, gently rake your grass, pushing down deep to reach the thatch and loosen it up. If you have a big lawn, investing in a power thatcher is a wise move.

Once you’ve finished the dethatching process, working through one section at a time, you should dispose of the thatch in a suitable bag or container and examine your turf to make sure you haven’t missed a spot.

3) Aerating your turf

If you want to ensure your WA turf is in fighting form throughout the year, you should aerate it frequently. And, the good news is—aerating the lawn is simple yet satisfying!

Aeration is the concept of punching small holes in your turf at certain depths (typically one to six inches down and two to six inches apart). Doing so semi-regularly helps essential nutrients absorb into the roots while providing water irrigation during the wetter months.

By aerating your Perth turf around three to four times a year, you improve its strength while helping it to keep that healthy green glow.

You don’t need anything fancy to aerate your lawn effectively—a standard garden fork will do the trick—but, if you have a big lawn, you can buy specialist spiked shoes that you can strap to your feet which are effective and heaps of fun.

4) Fertilising your turf

Fertilising your turf once it’s established will help maximise its health as well as fullness—and doing so every eight weeks will yield the best results.

To ensure your turf fertilisation efforts are completely successful, you must always check which fertilisers are best for your specific grass types and once you’ve picked the perfect product, following the instructions down to the very last detail is vital (if you don’t, you risk damaging your precious lawn).

Follow the instructions, fertilize regularly—and your turf will be the envy of your neighbours.

5) Mowing you turf

Finally, we come to the small matter of mowing. If your turf has been freshly laid, you should wait a few weeks for it to settle before getting your mower.

When you’re ready to mow, you should aim to do so every two to three weeks (or as necessary) and for the best results, you should avoid cutting below 25mm as this will weaken your turf over time.

If you take care of the watering, dethatching, aeration, and fertilization on a regular basis, your mowing efforts will basically be the cherry on top of your luscious, green, and healthy lawn.

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