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We offer an extensive range of commercial services from land preparation all the way through to large scale renovations.

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Sand insertion is our unique process of dramatically improving surface water drainage on sports grounds in winter. Years of built up organic matter (from lawn clippings) in the upper 100mm of the soil profile (commonly called the ‘Mat Layer’) and other factors such as soil type can cause water to sit on the surface making the surface unplayable and vulnerable to excessive wear and tear.

We overcome this problem by placing bands of drainage sand 20mm thick spaced 270mm apart. We find that by making the bands of sand 150mm deep we can create a successful passage for water to flow off the grass surface and drain away through the natural sandy soil below.

Where can I look at some ovals you have already sand inserted?2019-07-05T08:43:49+00:00

Queens Park Reserve Queens Park and Yokine Reserve Alexander Drive Yokine.

Do I still need to top dress?2019-07-05T08:43:25+00:00

Not necessarily, however, a light top dress (3mm) will compliment the sand insertion.

Will the oval have uneven lines?2019-07-05T08:43:01+00:00

No. After 2 months the lines are barely noticeable as the turf grows over.

How soon can we play on the oval after sand insertion?2019-07-05T08:42:33+00:00

Immediately for any sport other than horse racing which requires 4 weeks.

But how much more is it going to cost?2019-07-05T08:42:07+00:00

The cost is similar to hollow coring, sweeping, disposal of cores and top dressing with sand.

Why not just hollow tine core and top dress into the holes?2019-07-05T08:41:44+00:00

By the time you pick up the cores and run out the sand most holes have already closed up. Infiltration studies have shown sand insertion can take water infiltration from 3mm an hour to 90mm an hour.

Why is it so important to remove surface water?2019-07-05T08:39:38+00:00

Surface water prevents air penetration into the soil, contributes to compaction and reduces turfs ability to tolerate and recover from traffic.

What the best time to insert sand?2019-07-05T08:39:02+00:00

Sand insertion can be carried out at anytime of the year.

How much sand is used?2019-07-05T08:38:26+00:00

80 cubic metres per hectare

How big are the bands of sand?2019-07-05T08:34:57+00:00

The bands of sand are 25mm thick, 270mm apart and up to 200mm deep.

How much can you do in one day?2019-07-05T08:34:26+00:00

We can insert up to 2 hectares a day.

Compost Insertion

Scientific research has shown Sting Nematodes are most destructive to turf grown on sandy soil with low organic matter and clay content.

Our revolutionary process inserts compost amended with clay in 20mm slots, 150mm deep into the soil only 270mm apart (equating to 110m3 per hectare).

These slots create a ‘safe haven’ for turf roots to grow down.
Brown Park: A Success Story

Contaminated with Sting Nematodes since construction over 4 years ago.

The turf deteriorated to the point sporting fixtures had to be cancelled. Lovegrove Turf Services inserted compost at the rate of 110m³ per hectare on March 2012.

Shire of Mundaring and park users are most impressed with the recovery of the oval despite a Sting Nematode population.

I’ve had some good results top-dressing with compost, why should I insert it as well?2019-07-05T08:46:52+00:00

Top-dressing only benefits surface roots; you need to establish deep mature roots. Nematodes cause less harm to thick mature roots. During summer heat waves, shallow root systems are unable to supply enough water to meet the demands of turf.

Is it worth adding clay to the compost?2019-07-05T08:46:22+00:00

Most definitely, Perth’s sandy soils have virtually no clay, studies show Sting Nematode cannot tolerate 20% or more clay.

Is the process beneficial for ovals not contaminated with Sting Nematode2019-07-05T08:46:01+00:00

Very much so, compost and clay slowly releases nutrients that dramatically increase the microbial activity in the soil. We calculate the compost clay amendment can hold 5 times as much water and 50 times as many nutrients as the sand around it.

How long before the oval can be used after insertion?2019-07-05T08:45:23+00:00

For junior sports we recommend 2 weeks, however for senior sports the oval should be given 4 weeks rest.

Can I supply my own special blend?2019-07-05T08:45:00+00:00

Absolutely, as long as the product is screened and partially dry. We can also customise a compost blend to meet your requirements.

How many insertions are required per year?2019-07-05T08:44:37+00:00

Generally one insertion will be sufficient if the compost is amended with clay and fertiliser. Due to the high cation exchange capacity of organic matter and clay, enough fertiliser can be incorporated to last all year without fear of leaching.

We have a large fleet of vertimowers and sweepers available for broad-acre dethatching including our Lovegrove VM3 vertimower – the largest vertimower in Western Australia.

Our custom built Lovegrove VM3 vertimower has been constructed with 3mm blades at 25mm spacings.  This machine was designed, built and is maintained by us and can tackle the thickest thatch.

Our vertimowing fleet is capable of vertimowing 10 hectares a day.

Our fleet of sweepers includes a Trilo S10 vacuum sweeper, Gallaghers, Peruzzos and Toro Rake-O-Vacs.  This range of sweepers can sweep large scale projects under a variety of conditions.

We also offer debris disposal services.

Top dressing helps resolve uneven levels in turfed areas and at the right application rate can facilitate the breakdown of thatch .

We have a variety of top dressing and material spreaders including Dakotas, Vicons and our own custom built spreader.

Our custom built spreader can top dress sand without leaving undesirable wheel ruts and with a row of 4 large tyres across the back of the chassis can easily carry and gently spread up to four tonne of sand at a time across a turf surface.

Overseeding increases wear tolerance in Winter. Our .3 Precision oversowers are capable of 6ha per day and create large 20mm holes to encourage deep rooting rye grass.

  • Low impact method of aerating the soil
  • LTS capable of 5 hectares per day
  • Solid tine up to 25mm
  • Hollow tine will remove a 25mm plug


We can fertilise through precision spinner or wagtail spreading. With a wide range of products available to spread including compost, lime, gypsum, granular fertiliser and granular wetting agent.


Fieldtopmaking strips unwanted lawn up to 80mm deep in one pass. It is the only way to remove parramatta grass.

We are capable of stripping and stockpiling one hectare per day. Most commonly used in precision work for cricket pitches and golf courses.

We can cover broadacre up to 40ha per day and reel mowing up to 30ha per day. Low mowing down to 6mm for a perfect finish. Reel sharpening is also available through our workshop.

Oval Construction

We are able to offer professional and quality oval construction which includes:

  • Bulk earthworks, oval shaping (using GPS guided grader)
  • Soil Cleaning with rockpicker
  • Soil amendment to meet water, nutrient and drainage requirements using “Soil Lover” Lovegrove Turf’s unique organic mineral blend.
  • Turf Installation with jumbo or standard rolls up to 4000m2 per day

Rock picking is essential to clean soil when preparing to construct oval. Our rock picker cleans top 250mm of open soil and collects rocks 35mm – 300mm

We are able to clean 1 hectare a day.

Root Pruning of trees is essential to treat root competition for water supply on ovals and golf courses. During the warmer months where water is scarce dry patches can occur on the edges of grassed areas due to tree roots sucking water down past grass roots. Root Pruning saves water stops root competition.

Our root pruner is able to cut tree roots up to 80mm thick and we are able to prune a golf course in 2 days.


We are passionate about growing turf

We’re the only turf farm in Perth, WA that takes the care to refrigerate your order. Our refrigerated storage also allows us to store additional turf for customer convenience. This way the turf stays at a perfect temperature keeping it lush and green, ready to take root in its new home. All ordered turf is still cut fresh to order and delivered within 24 hours.

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