Unless you’re a professional landscaper or groundsman, buying turf probably isn’t a regular event. If you do it more than a couple of times in your life, it’s either a sign that you move a lot, or you need to take better care of your grass!

The Top 5 Questions You Should Ask Your Turf Installer

Because it isn’t exactly an everyday occurrence, buying turf supplies in Perth can be a confusing process. With all the turf suppliers in Perth promising the same thing – the best varieties, at the best prices, sold with the best service – it can be hard to know who to choose.

So to help make the process of finding the right turf installer in Perth easier for novice buyers, let’s take a look at five questions that can help to separate the best from the rest.

Question 1: How long have you been in business?

Bad turf suppliers don’t stay in business for long. You want to go with a supplier who not only sells quality products but who will be there for you should you need their assistance in the future. If you choose a new company, there’s no guarantee that that will happen.

If a turf supplier in Perth has already been around for decades and boasts a good rating on Google and other review platforms, you can be confident that they’ll not only supply you with quality turf, but they’ll be around to assist you with that turf in years and decades to come.

As a family business that has been expertly growing and installing turf for over 35 years, and that enjoys a rating of 4.7 stars on Google, you can be confident that Lovegrove Turf Services ticks all of these boxes.

Question 2: Where is the turf grown?

Australia is a huge country that’s home to a variety of different climates, from the chill of Tasmania to the tropical heat of Far North Queensland. Perth’s warm and sunny weather is ideal for humans as well as many kinds of grass, but not all grasses.

The best turf suppliers in Perth will grow the turf they sell right here in WA. This proves that the turf can thrive in local conditions and guarantees that you’ll be getting the freshest turf available, not stuff that has spent 4 days in a truck crossing the Nullarbor.

A legitimate supplier will be happy to show you exactly where their turf is grown if you care to look, so be sure to ask the question.

Question 3: How is your turf transported and stored?

Once you’ve established that the turf is grown locally, your next question should be about ensuring your turf is kept cool and moist. A lawn isn’t designed to survive rolled up in a cylinder as it can overheat and ‘cook’, so ideally you want your turf cut to order and kept cool and moist.

At LTS, pre-ordered turf is cut fresh and immediately transported in our refrigerated semi-trailers to our turf fridge at Wattle Grove. The majority of our turf is also delivered in our refrigerated semis. We also store additional or ‘spare’ turf in our fridge for convenient last minute sales. This suits customers requiring ‘just a few rolls more’ and landscapers with short notice to complete a project/s.

We have been storing fresh turf in our Wattle Grove Turf Fridge for well over twenty years now and our own trials have shown time and again there is no detriment to the turf. In the heat of summer our turf often arrives on site fridge cold and is slower to suffer the heat than non- refrigerated turf. We are commercial turf installers of over 35 years ourselves and would not continue using refrigeration if we did not see the benefit.

Question 4: Can you install?

While installation is a process that almost anyone can attempt, using a professional turf installer will guarantee success. Turf installers in Perth have the equipment to do the job efficiently and well. These services are particularly useful for bigger turf installations like those for businesses and sporting clubs.

So ask the turf supplier: can you install?

The answer will generally be yes, so it’s important to drill down on their offering – the cost, the turnaround time and the accessibility they require for their machinery are some of the factors that should be considered.

Question 5: Do you offer any guarantees?

Once your turf is purchased and installed, does the turf supplier offer any additional support or guarantees?

A good turf supplier in Perth will believe in their product and will offer some form of guarantee if it is installed and cared for correctly. The turf should also come with a weed-free guarantee, as you’re paying for lawn, not potential invaders.

You probably aren’t buying turf every day, which makes choosing the right turf supplier in Perth all the more important. By asking the right questions and doing some due diligence, you can be confident of finding the best turf, from the best supplier, at the best price.

Ready to line the grounds of your home, business or sports club with gorgeous green turf? Head to our website or contact our friendly team today on 9453 6222 to get a free quote!