For many of us, our outdoor spaces are an extension of our living area especially in Perth where we can take advantage of some of the best weather. Sunny skies and cooling wind are the perfect combination for spending time outside. So it makes sense you’ll alway want to keep your lawn or garden in top shape.

If you are thinking about refreshing your turf, you’ll want to have an idea of the cost before getting started. While this is definitely an investment in your home, you want to go into it well informed. The first thing you’ll soon see is that you will need to choose between artificial and natural turf. From there, turf costs in Perth come down to a few major factors.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at the costs involved in laying a new lawn. We’ll also go over how you can find the right installer, at the right price, for the job.

How Much Should Turf Cost in Perth

How Much Should Turf Cost in Perth

Reasons why it’s worth it to upgrade your lawn

Getting a new lawn for your home can drastically enhance the look of your property. You can boost curb appeal if you’re looking to sell your home.

Grasses riddled with dirt patches and weeds are sometimes easier to fully replace rather than nurse back to health. It is not only aesthetically appealing to swap out the old turf with the new but also provides you with a refreshing space where you can host guests and enjoy time with your family.

If you’re considering artificial turf, this upgrade can be worth it for what you will save in watering and maintenance alone. You can spend your time enjoying the great outdoors instead of trying to take care of it.

What affects the turf cost in Perth?

The costs of turf vary based on a few factors, including its quality and how labour intensive the overall installation will be. Let’s take a closer look at what you’ll want to consider as you choose the right turf at the right price for your yard.


Start by deciding whether you want a natural lawn or synthetic turf. While both have their benefits, mostly when it comes to maintenance, many homeowners agree that there’s nothing quite like natural turf. Keep in mind that you’ll need to account for fertilising, weeding, aerating, and watering.


Once you have decided on natural turf, you’ll need to choose the variety. Each type of grass will have a different coloration, thickness, and resilience. Their rarity can also affect their price. Here are some of the most popular varieties in Australia right now and their key features:

  • Kikuyu: Affordable, fast growing, bright green color, durable, shade intolerant
  • Bison Buffalo: Dark green color, self-repairing, requires fertilizer and frequent watering
  • Wintergreen Couch: Drought resistant, medium green color, soft, fast growing
  • Empire Zoysia: Slow growing, dark green color, low maintenance, slow winter recovery


How large your yard is will also affect the turf cost in Perth. Turf is priced per square metre Naturally, the larger the lawn, the more turf you’ll need.


While you can try to lay turf on your own for a small lawn, DIY lawn installs are not recommended if you don’t know what you’re doing or if the lawn is large. Turf can have specific requirements and can benefit from being laid down in a specific direction. The ground should be properly prepared to remove debris and level it correctly. You can risk wasting the entire turf if you try to do this yourself.

How much does new lawn turf cost in Perth?

You can see that there are a few different variables when it comes to turf, so the price will vary a bit depending on the combination you choose. Generally, a new lawn will cost between $6.50-12.50 per square metre, and the primary factor is the variety.

Another way to price out your lawn is in volume. Turf is often sold in pallets for larger jobs. A single pallet usually holds 60m2 of turf.

We’ve created this table to give you a good idea of what different turf costs in Perth. These prices do not include installation, which will vary depending on the service you choose. Notice that we listed the average cost of artificial turf for comparison.

Turf Type Average Price per m2 Average Cost per Pallet
Kikuyu $6.00-6.50 $360-390
Wintergreen Couch $6.50-7.25 $390-435
Bison Buffalo $11-11.50 $660-690
Empire Zoysia $12.50-13 $750-780
Artificial/Synthetic $30-280 n/a

Additional costs when it comes to new turf

Pricing for turf should be rather straightforward once you decide on the variety you want. While turf can be delivered straight to your home, you might incur an extra cost for delivery if you choose to skip professional installation.

If you opt for a professional installation, the lawn service should include an estimate for the lawn as well as to prepare the ground correctly and to lay it out for you. If there is a lot of debris to remove or if the land is not level, the price could be higher to cover the cost of the extra labour.

The best approach is to request an estimate for turf cost Perth for your specific property. They will be able to take into consideration the state of your current yard as well as any challenges presented by slope or even waste from trimming to accommodate intricate designs or curved landscapes. Be sure to ask how they charge (either by square metre or by pallet) since some suppliers don’t change based on how many pallets you order.

Choosing a turf supplier and installer in Perth

Updating your lawn or garden with fresh turf can be a rewarding expense. Lush grasses create a great backdrop for events, gatherings, and family time. Turf costs in Perth will vary mainly based on the variety of grass you choose. You’ll want to contact a local supplier for a quote using your property measurements and taking into account any landscape challenges.

LoveGrove Turf Services has spruced up lawns across Perth for over 35 years with top varieties for our climate. We understand everything from soil, fertilizer, and care that you’ll need to have the best lawn in your neighborhood. And as a family-operated local turf farm, we back all of our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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