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Soil Conditioning Products

Conditioning your soil with the right nutrients is required to establish your lawn
correctly, giving the turf a healthy start.

Amgrow Freehand 1

Amgrow Freehand

Amgrow Freehand is a pre-emergent (that is a preventative) herbicide suitable for warm season turf including kikuyu, couch, buffalo and zoysia japonica and zoysia matrella.

Freehand can also be used in garden beds and pot plants.

Freehand controls over 60 common weeds including Crabgrass (Summergrass on the East coast), Fleabane, Creeping oxalis, Crow’s foot, Paspalum, Dandelion, White clover and many more.

Freehand is an easy to apply granule that lasts up to 3 months.

Application rate is 10-20 grams per square metre.

For larger areas we also sell a similar product called Oxamax in 20kg bags.

Eco Wet Soil wetter

Eco-wet – Soil Wetter

Fast acting, long lasting, environmentally friendly soil wetter that spreads water laterally and improves fertiliser intake.

Why use it?

If your soil is hydrophobic where the water just runs off your grass or pools on your lawn Eco-wet can help. Eco wet from Eco growth not only breaks water repellence instantly, but it holds in water and fertiliser like a sponge.


For maximum efficiency, wet lawn or garden area first, then apply 30ml per 9L watering can or bucket to cover 10sqm. Water in well.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite Clay – 20kg covers 10m2

Is a natural clay product with no added chemicals, it provides long term benefits for water and fertiliser efficiency which saves you money and time. Bentonite clay needs to be incorporated into your soil along with organic matter like Humus.

Why use it?

When used in conjunction with compost Bentonite Clay can aid soil wetability, increase water holding capacity, improve soil structure and enhance soil biological activity.

Economical benefits

Avoid labour and the costs of removal and disposal of existing soil.

Avoid the cost of new top soil (Estimated cost for removal of existing soil and new soil brought in is $80 per 10m2 – excludes labour).

Limit damage to the environment caused by mining precious topsoils for use in domestic lawns.
How to use it?

Spread clay granules over surface of cleared soil at rate of 2kg per 1m2.

Spread compost (eg. Humus 400) over soil at the same time. 20Lt bag covers up to 50m². Mix this and Humus (20LT per 50m2) into the soil to depth of 150-200mm.

turf products underlay

Turf Underlay

Our underlay is a unique product, designed to replace or be incorporated into exisiting sand. Comprising of Gingin red loamy sand, compost and Bentonite Clay it is specially designed to improve the poor sandy soil on the Swan Coastal Plain. It will sustain your lawn for many years and reduce how much fertiliser and water is required compared to sand.

Why use it?

The underlay is free draining and has a higher compost ratio compared to most lawn mixes. It has a rich source of nutrients with a pH (6.5), which is beneficial to turf, and holds on to moisture and nutrients.


Can be used directly underneath turf or as a top dress.

Ideally should be incorporated into existing soil to a depth of 150mm to maximise the benefit to turf.

turf products grasscel


Designed for stability

Grass-Cel is made up of precisely arranged hexagonal cells. This allows the blocks to be connected together, using tabs and slots, to form a mat of just about any size. The walls of the cells support traffic, preventing soil compaction and minimising grass wear.
Keeps high traffic lawns healthy!

Each hexagonal cell in our turf pavers has a round opening on its flat base, which serves as a drain. Our turf pavers permit air, water and nutrients to move from the surface to the sub-soil. Grass roots growing down through the hole into the sub-soil bind and hold the Grass-Cel turf paving blocks permanently in place.

Easy to install

Grass-Cel can be sawn, filled, drilled or shaped with normal hand tools. No pegging is required. The hole at the base of each hexagonal cell also serves to hold Grass-Cel from shifting on unstable areas.

The vertical openings in each cell allow the free movement of root from cell to cell. The cross movement of stolons, roots and rhizomes (runners) binds the Grass-Cel turf paving blocks to each other and helps to further stabilise the paving surface.

Highly durable!

Grass-Cel is very durable. They are resistant to rot or decay, vermin and insects, petroleum, oil, regular solvents, weather and temperature extremes, warping, chipping and water. Grass-Cel turf pavers are designed as weight bearing blocks and not as a traction block.

knife plus

Knife Plus – Extreme Colour

Knife Plus is a readily iron compound designed for enhanced color and growth, extended greening and improved rooting for manicured turf.

Knife Plus contains a balance of extracts and natural fermentation materials  to encourage healthy plant development under any environment, chemical or mechanical stresses.

Regular application of Knife Plus will ensure even availability of iron throughout the growing season.

Humus 400

Humus 400 – 20lt covers 50m2

Humus 400 is designed to increase the nutrient holding capacity of soil and water penetration in water repellent soils.

Humus holds up to 4 times its weight in water and helps loosen compacted soils such as hard clays. This creates an ideal environment for lawn establishment and growth.

Improves lawn health by helping to quickly activate Minerals, Lime, Gypsum, etc. providing your lawn with lots of nutrients.


Like all plants, lawn requires sufficient nutrients to stay healthy.
We recommend a range of fertilisers and similar products that will keep your lawn looking great.

turf products dynamiclifter

Dynamic Lifter

Dynamic Lifter adds nutrients and organic matter to the soil which improves moisture retention and promotes microbial and earthworm activity.

Application: Mix through 10kg per 50m2 of Dynamic Lifter to your soil.

turf products npkred

Eco-Growth NPK Red

Eco prime Red is our recommendation for new lawns because of its capacity to help root growth.

NPK Red does this through its phosphorus content which in conjunction with nitrogen and potassium will help strengthen your recently harvested roots.

NPK Red is recommended as a general fertiliser for new and existing lawns to promote strong roots and increase the overall health of your lawn.

Establishing or repairing – 10kg per 50m2
Maintanence – 10kg per 100m2


We are passionate about growing turf

We’re the only turf farm in Perth, WA that takes the care to refrigerate your order. Our refrigerated storage also allows us to store additional turf for customer convenience. This way the turf stays at a perfect temperature keeping it lush and green, ready to take root in its new home. All ordered turf is still cut fresh to order and delivered within 24 hours.

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