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Lovegrove Turf Services proudly offers Turf Specials for residential, commercial, industrial and government sectors in Perth, WA.

We have year-round specials on turf varieties, soil conditioning products, and even for some of our pieces of equipment for hire. Our promos are well-thought-out and entirely suited to the needs of Perth home and business owners who are passionate about having a beautiful natural lawn.

Please note that our deals are open to all customers and not just for selected few. Explore our deals below and contact us if you have any questions.

ki couchi

Our Ki-Couchi Roll-On Turf Is Sold Out

We estimate it will be back in stock in 3 weeks, that is around December 14th, 2020. This grass sells out very fast so we are generating a waiting list for those prepared to wait.

Ki-couchi stolons (runners) are still available. This is a cheaper option and allows you to allocate a greater portion of your budget to quality automated reticulation, soil preparation and ongoing management. At this time of year ki-couchi stolons cover very quickly and you can have full coverage in as little as 6 weeks.

Please contact us on 9453 6222 to discuss your lawn needs.

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Water Catch Cups

Free Water Catch Cups For All Our Customers

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We are passionate about growing turf

We’re the only turf farm in Perth, WA that takes the care to refrigerate your order. Our refrigerated storage also allows us to store additional turf for customer convenience. This way the turf stays at a perfect temperature keeping it lush and green, ready to take root in its new home. All ordered turf is still cut fresh to order and delivered within 24 hours.

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Lovely people and great at what they do
Aidan Willemsen
Excellent customer service. Thanks Guys
Lisa Moon
Great fertiliser! Great advice!
Jeremy Palmer
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