Looking to upgrade your outdoor space? Laying new turf can range from $10 to $30 per m2 depending on the variety. For example, Kikuyu turf is cheaper than a more premium turf like Bison Buffalo. But you’ll also need to factor in the cost of additional turf supplies to keep your new lawn looking lush and make the neighbours green with envy – and we’ve rounded up your turf supply costs right here.

A well-kept and stylish lawn can turn heads (and make the neighbours jealous), but it doesn’t happen overnight.

If you want a gorgeous lawn that looks and feels amazing all year round, you need to know what products can help make the grass greener on YOUR side. Unfortunately, with endless products on Google and Amazon, it’s tough to know what you should be paying to invest in your garden.

At Lovegrove Turf Services, we know a thing or two about supporting stunning outdoor spaces whether it’s a residential turf installation or a commercial turf upgrade, so we’ve peeled back the curtain and busted open our books to share the cost of turf supplies from the turf itself to the extras you need to know about.

Whether you’re a green thumb looking to elevate a small garden, or you’ve got a sweeping yard outside your Perth home, read on for a full price breakdown of the most important turf supplies.

How Much Do Turf Supplies Cost in Perth Price Guide

How Much Do Turf Supplies Cost in Perth Price Guide

What are my turfing options?

Did you know that lawns are the single most “irrigated” crop on the planet?

This may seem unbelievable, but think of how many homes have lawns in their front and backyard. Millions of homes around Australia (and the world) take great care in their grass, but not all grass is the same.

At Lovegrove, we supply and install 5 of the most common (and striking) grass varieties in Australia, these include:

We’ll cover some general prices in this article to help you with your budgeting, but if you’d like specific prices for any of the 5 types of grass above, click here to request a quote tailored to your outdoor space.

How much does turf cost per m2?

When talking about turf supplies, the turf itself will be at the top of your shopping list.

Although there are dozens of varieties to choose from, the easiest distinction is to start with artificial turf and natural turf. In most cases, natural turf will cost less upfront, giving you a green lawn at a lower price than synthetic turf – but it’s important to look at the bigger picture.

The cost of maintaining and caring for real grass can add up over time, whereas artificial grass is easy to spray down and wipe off (and it won’t get upset with you if you forget to water it), so you should always consider your long-term goals when buying new turf.

Check out the price table below for a snapshot of turf prices per m2.

Outdoor Surface Price range  per m2
Natural Turf $25 – $35
Artificial Turf $55 – $200+

Looking for more information on the price of turf in Perth? Click here for our ultimate pricing guide [2022 edition]

Since synthetic grass doesn’t require the same level of maintenance, but we’re going to focus on the real stuff. From cooling your home (yep, Aussie homes with turf are cooler indoors), to boosting mental health, and offering natural protection against pollutants, smoke, and noise, natural turf helps elevate your lifestyle.

So read on for a price breakdown of the supplies you’ll need to care for your new lawn.

How much do soil supply products cost?

You can lay fresh, healthy turf in your backyard – but that doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way.

The right conditioning is required to give your soil the nutrients it needs to support healthy grass throughout the seasons. You already know how hot Perth’s scorching summers can get, which makes proper soil conditioning key.

At the same time, you’ll need to consider soil supplements like underlay and clay to improve the quality of your soil. We’ve rounded up a few average prices for the turf supplies you’ll need to keep your grass green and your lawn lovely, so check those out below.

Turf Product Average Price
Soil Wetter $35 to $55
Turf Underlay $30 to $60
Bentonite Clay (20kg) $40 to $50
Grass Colour Agent (2L) $35 to $50

Please Note: The above prices are Perth averages only. For accurate prices on your turf supplies, reach out and speak to a Lovegrove team member on (08) 9453 6222 today.

Don’t forget about turf underlay to maintain your lawn

Turf underlay is an engineered product designed to help turf grow, thanks to nutrients that keep grass green and healthy. Turf underlay can also be added to depleted areas of your yard to even out your surfaces and help with regrowth.

Turf underlay is typically made of a mixture of screened sand, soil, and composted organics, then blended with natural fertilisers to support root growth and healthy grass during the challenging winter months.

In short, it’s a supplement for your grass that keeps your yard looking healthy from January to December.

How much does turf underlay cost? $60 per m3

The cost of hiring turf equipment

If you’re looking to maintain a large commercial space or a sporting space like a fairway or bowling green, you’ll want to consider hiring turf supplies to keep your grass looking green and inviting.

The easiest way to stay on top of your heavy-duty turfing needs is to hire turf equipment. The most common turf equipment comes in the form of rollers which can be heavy-duty and perfect for parks, schools, and common recreation sites; as well as water-filled turf rollers ideal for DIY residential turfing projects.

Day rates for smaller, water-filled turf rollers can start at while hiring a more complex piece of equipment like an Eco lawn sand spreader can cost 5 and up for a 4-hour rental. For accurate prices on turf equipment, contact our friendly team today.

Looking for affordable turf supplies online?

At Lovegrove Turf Services we love what we do (it’s even in our name), and with over 35 years of experience, we know what it takes to support a healthy, green lawn all year round – even in Perth’s challenging climate.

Our comprehensive range of turf varieties and products cover every aspect of turf care, so you can enjoy your outdoor space whether you’re a green thumb or not.

Whether you’ve got a tiny space in your yard that’s got ‘DIY Passion Project’ written all over it, or you need help transforming a dry and damaged lawn, we’ve got the tools and the talent to help.

If you’re interested in purchasing turf supplies online, hiring equipment for a short-term project, or utilising our expertise on your next home improvement experience, we’re here to help.

Call us today on (08) 9453 6222 or click here to request a 100% obligation-free quote now.