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It seems that every year, Australia is experiencing record-breaking heat waves hot enough to melt the asphalt roads. At best, it’s a huge inconvenience to humans. At worst, though, it can cause the loss of wildlife and plants.

That includes your turf, too. Depending on which area in Australia you’re situated, make sure your lawn can adapt to the rise and fall of Australia’s harsh climate.

What type of turf is right for you, however? Check our list of five Australian turf varieties below and see which one is perfect for the weather in your home (as well as maintenance and aesthetic needs).

kikuyu 6 1


Kikuyu is the type of grass you see on horse racing tracks, parks, and golf course fairways. As such, you can expect it to be hardy and durable.

It’s for that reason it’s popular in house lawns, as well. It can tolerate heavy wear and tear, so it’s great for homes with kids and large dogs. Its recovery rate makes it a good choice for high traffic areas.

This variety loves the heat and very tolerant of drought. It grows alright even in poor soil types and it survives with minimal fertilising.

But the best thing about it? It’s cheap.

Kikuyu is fast-growing, and that also makes it invasive. You have to mow it regularly, about once a week. It grows faster in the warmer months and if it’s receiving all the nutrition it needs.

That aside, the only downside to this grass is that it doesn’t tolerate shade. Your lawn must have full access to the sun if you don’t want patches.

Kikuyu has medium-sized and soft leaves. It sports a bright green colour.

Bison Buffalo

Bison Buffalo

Bison Buffalo is the most shade-tolerant turf available. It’s one of the most low-maintenance lawn types, as well.

It self-repairs, which means it fixes any patches and dead spots on its own. It has great durability, but it grows at a slower rate than other options.

Bison Buffalo lawns look great and it doesn’t take much to keep them looking that way. It has great resistance to pests and diseases, so you’ll need fewer chemicals.

You do have to make an effort to keep it lush, though. It has shallow roots, so you need to water it two days a week in the weather hot weather. You have to also supplement it with fertiliser.

Buffalo had an old reputation of being scratchy, but the Bison Soft Leaf variety has soft, broad, dark green blades.

Wintergreen Couch 1

Wintergreen Couch

If you’re after the aesthetics, Wintergreen Couch is a good choice. It’s also cheap yet durable, so you’re not sacrificing much when you go for this variety. It’s for these reasons that it’s popular for lawns in Perth and WA.

It can withstand heavy wear and tear and it has a quick recovery ability. It’s fast to grow, resistant to drought, and easy to care for. Like the Kikuyu, it only needs a small amount of fertiliser every three months to keep it green.

It’s a bit more high-maintenance compared with the other Australian grass types on this list, though. It’s known for the underground runners, which allow it to creep under fences and anywhere else.

The Couch variety is even more invasive than Kikuyu. It requires garden kerbing using a whipper snipper or an edger.

It’s not resistant to shade, too. If it gets more than two hours of shade, it might die off.

The Couch has fine, soft leaves with a medium green colour. It grows dense, and if you take care of it, it gives you a beautiful lawn. It has good colour retention even during the winter months, but you should expect some discolouration when the temperature goes below 5°C.

Ki Couchi


Ki-Couchi is the combination of Kikuyu and Couch. It’s around 90% Kikuyu and 10% of the other, giving you the best characteristics of both varieties. This makes for a durable, soft, and drought-resistant lawn.

It has an excellent repairability that makes it perfect for high traffic areas. It’s good for school ovals and sporting fields, so we’re sure it can handle your kids playing on your lawn.

Its growth rate, however, depends on how much you water it. With more water, the Kikuyu variety can dominate your lawn and overpower the Couch. If it’s the other way around, the Couch will dominate.

Nonetheless, it’s forgiving if you neglect to mow it, but it prefers regular mowing. It has a 50% tolerance to shade and little fertilising needs.

The climate in WA allows the Ki-Couchi to have the growth benefit of Kikuyu in the winter and drought tolerance of Couch in the summer.

The Ki-Couchi looks the same as Kikuyu and Couch.


Empire Zoysia

Zoysia grass, in general, is famous for its high resistance against heat, cold, and drought. It has rhizomes under and above ground, which helps its durability. It consumes less water than other lawn types for that reason.

It thrives in warm seasons, which makes it perfect for the warmer regions of the country. It doesn’t tolerate the colder weather, but you can forget all about it during winter because it will be dormant by then.

It’s a low-maintenance type of grass with minimal fertiliser and mowing requirements. It’s tolerant to shade and salt, as well.

One thing you have to consider about this grass is that it grows slower than the other turf varieties. It can withstand abuse and it will recover but at a slower rate.

In spite of these characteristics, Zoysia didn’t take off right off the bat in Australia, believe it or not. It may be because of its previous names, like Korean Grass, Manila Grass, and Temple Grass. The country eventually found it to be a great grass for their lawn, though.

Empire is a variant of Zoysia that has all these characteristics.

The Empire Zoysia has a soft texture, even softer than the other grasses on this list. Its leaves are fine and narrow that taper at the end. It has a dark green colour.

Which One of These Australian Grass Types is for You?

Make sure to consider the climate in your location, the shade in your lawn, and the activities to be able to choose the right turf for you. It’s more important they grow to be healthy; the looks and maintenance come secondary.

Know more about the Australian grass types by contacting us today. We’ll help you decide which is the best for your lawn.

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