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A healthy lawn can cool the environment around your home by degrees in our hot Perth summers and provide a softfall area for our families and pets to exercise and play. Lawn also absorbs noise and is a great dust and dirt controller.

A lawn is often one of the final steps to finishing off a home and your personal preference on the appearance of your new lawn is a consideration when choosing a turf variety.

We encourage you to visit our Wattle Grove Turf Farm display and talk to us about your lawn needs as not only is the WA environment unique we often find there are unique factors with individual client environments that need consideration when choosing a turf variety.

At LTS we have 5 different lawn choices all long term proven performers in WA.

kikuyu 6 1


Kikuyu is the grass grown and beautifully maintained throughout King’s Park, Perth in both full sun and quite shaded areas.

Kikuyu is also the grass on racing tracks, parks and many golf course fairways. As such, you can expect it to be hard wearing and durable.

Kikuyu can grow with as little as 4 hours sunlight, is fast repairing, drought tolerant and soft underfoot.

It’s for these reasons Kikuyu has become popular as a home lawn as well. It can tolerate heavy wear and tear, so it’s great for homes with kids and large dogs. Its fast recovery makes it a good choice for active families and high traffic areas.

Kikuyu will also continue to grow slowly through winter helping it maintain its colour, repair itself and look good.

Kikuyu is also a great choice for paddocks and pastures, it can be established quite quickly and economically using stolons (shredded turf).

Bison Buffalo

Bison Buffalo

Bison Buffalo is the most shade-tolerant turf available. It’s one of the most low-maintenance lawn types, as well.

Bison can thrive in as little as 3 -4 hours sunlight per day though in shadier areas we do recommend maintaining a longer leaf.

Bison has a very soft leaf and once established this turf can tolerate a reasonable amount of home traffic.

With its dark green emerald leaf Bison is an attractive lawn.

Bison has good salt tolerance too.

Bison Buffalo lawns look great and it doesn’t take much to keep them looking that way.

Wintergreen Couch 1

Wintergreen Couch

If you’re after the aesthetics, Wintergreen Couch is an excellent choice. Wintergreen is also cheap yet durable, so you’re not sacrificing much when you go for this variety. It’s for these reasons that it’s popular for lawns in Perth and WA.

Wintergreen has been a proven WA home lawn and sports oval choice for over 35 years. Wintergreen is suited to not only endure but thrive in our unique WA sands and environment.

Wintergreen can withstand heavy wear and tear and it has a quick recovery ability. It’s fast to grow, resistant to drought, and easy to care for.

Wintergreen has fine, soft leaves with a medium green colour. It grows dense competing out weeds, and if you take care of it, it gives you a beautiful lawn. It has good colour retention even during the winter months.Feed your Wintergreen regular with a complete fertiliser, keep the edges under control and you will be rewarded.

Ki Couchi


Ki-Couchi is a combination of Kikuyu and Couch. It’s around 90% Kikuyu and 10% couch, giving you the best characteristics of both varieties. This makes for a durable, soft, and drought-resistant lawn.

Ki-couchi has an excellent repairability that makes it perfect for high traffic areas. It’s good for school ovals and sporting fields, so we’re sure it can handle your kids playing on your lawn.

Ki-couchi growth rate, however, depends on how much you water it. With more water, the Kikuyu variety can dominate your lawn and overpower the Couch. If it’s the other way around, the Couch will dominate.

The climate in WA allows the Ki-Couchi to have the growth benefit of Kikuyu in the winter and drought tolerance of Couch in the summer.

The Ki-Couchi looks like Kikuyu as the Couch is hidden below the kikuyu



Zoysia in WA, thrives in our hot, dry climate. Empire Zoysia has rhizomes under and stolons above ground, which helps its durability. It can hold more water than most other lawn types for that reason.

Zoysia thrives in warm seasons, which makes it perfect for Perth and above in WA.

Zoysia a low-maintenance type of grass with minimal nitrogen and mowing requirements and strong disease resistance. It’s tolerant to salt as well making it a great coastal choice.

One thing you have to consider about this grass is that it grows slower than the other turf varieties. It can withstand abuse and it will recover but at a slower rate.

Zoysia leaves have a soft texture, fine and narrow, taper at the end and a dark green colour.

Which one of these West Australian suited grass types is for you?

Make sure to consider the climate in your location, the number of hours of sunlight per day the area receives (especially in winter), and the activities the lawn is to be used for to be able to choose the right turf for you.

Know more about these West Australian proven turf varieties by contacting us today. We’ll help you decide which is the best for your lawn.

We are passionate about growing turf

We’re the only turf farm in Perth, WA that takes the care to refrigerate your order. Our refrigerated storage also allows us to store additional turf for customer convenience. This way the turf stays at a perfect temperature keeping it lush and green, ready to take root in its new home. All ordered turf is still cut fresh to order and delivered within 24 hours.


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