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A universally economical Wintergreen Couch

Wintergreen Couch is a fine-leafed couch variety that will tolerate full sun.

Locally grown Instant Turf

  • Fine leaf
  • Medium green colour
  • Dense blade growth
  • Drought tolerant
  • Thrives in full sun

Why Wintergreen Couch?

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Wintergreen Couch is a fine-leafed couch variety that will tolerate full sun. It requires less water than Buffalo and will survive better than most other lawns under the current water restrictions.

A minimum amount of fertilisers and frequent mowing can make this an easy-care and attractive lawn. It has been the popular domestic choice for the past 35 years, especially in Perth and Western Australia.

Find out if Wintergreen Couch is right for your Perth Lawn

Excellent Very Good Good Once Established
Water Consumption A deep rooting variety that survives on two deep applications of water.
Shade Tolerance Needs to be in sun for 6 hours or more a day.
Wear Tolerance Tolerates pedestrian traffic including sports and small dogs
Mowing Benefits from regular reel mowing. Can use rotary.
Fertilising Very small amounts every three months will keep it green all year.
Invasiveness Requires garden kerbing then is easily controlled using an edger or whipper snipper.

Guide On How To Grow Your Wintergreen Couch Successfully

When establishing a new lawn, people often overlook the importance of a good quality soil. The right soil will give your lawn the best possible start and help to prevent nutrient deficiencies and water problems.

A great soil additive product we recommend using is Bentonite Clay. Bentonite is a natural clay product with no added chemicals, it provides long term benefits for water and fertiliser efficiency which saves you money and time. To have the best outcome Bentonite needs to be incorporated into your soil with organic matter like Humus.

This lawn will not take long to establish if you follow Lovegrove Turf’s watering and fertilising schedule. It is important to limit and monitor any heavy traffic areas when your lawn is relatively new.

Once Wintergreen Couch lawn has established it can cope quite well with moderate to high traffic. This should not take long with this quick growing grass.

Once your lawn has produced adequate roots you are ready for the first mow. This should take between two and four weeks depending on the season and position of your lawn.


A reel mower is preferable to keep Wintergreen Couch lawn looking at it’s best, as the scissor action is perfect for the fine blade of the grass.

Cut at regular intervals (weekly is best in the warmer months) so it doesn’t get too long and this will avoid scalping which can place the turf under stress. Never remove
more than one third of the leaf per mowing session. Edging regularly is a must to avoid this grass from invading garden beds.

All lawns produce thatch as this is a natural byproduct of healthy growth. Thatch will prevent water and nutrients from getting to the roots where they are needed. This can be removed through Verti-mowing and should be done at least once a year.

For establishing or repairing of turf, the application should be 10kg per 50m2 of Eco-Prime NPK Red

For optimum health of your lawn it is recommended to fertilise at a maintenance rate of 10kg per 100m2 every 6-8 weeks for 6 months after installation and every 12 weeks there after.

Remember, always water thoroughly to activate the fertiliser and prevent any possible leaf burn.

Watering Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions About Wintergreen Couch

How do I care for my Wintergreen lawn?

During autumn and spring, watering your wintergreen lawn twice a week is good enough, while in winter, you can do it once a fortnight. If you want your turf to grow healthy, we suggest watering it early in the morning. When it comes to fertilisation, we highly recommend it for wintergreen couch, so it stays looking fresh and healthy.

Note, once your lawn has produced adequate roots you are ready for the first mow; this should take between two and four weeks depending on the season and position of your garden.

What do I need to know about wintergreen couch?

Wintergreen Couch Grass is a fine-leafed variety and can thrive in full sun. It is soft-to-touch making it an ideal choice of turf for your Perth home, especially if you have kids that like playing around your lawn. Colour is medium green with a thick blade, excellent for an all-round lawn.

I have kids and pets, can I use wintergreen couch for my lawn?

Wintergreen is so soft to touch, making it fantastic for pets and kids. This type of turf variety is notable for its softness and capacity to thrive in full sun, but it’s also tough grass – making it an excellent choice for a lawn that’s inclined to getting constant high foot traffic.

How often should I fertilise my couch?

If you want to keep your wintergreen lawn to look great all year round, we recommend fertilising it every three months. The small amount of fertiliser will do the trick, so please do not overdo it. Too much is bad!

I am not good at growing turf; I wonder if couch grass dies in winter?

Because couch grass has soft blades, it suffers typically more than other turf varieties during the winter. Some pieces of your couch lawn will probably die, due to the shifting of the sun, but if you’re maintaining it properly, it can recover eventually. If you require tips and expert advice, you can always reach out to us on this number 9453 6222.

My turf lawn turned brown, can it turn green again?

It’s pretty normal for turf lawn to turn brown due to cycle, but don’t worry it can turn green again, as soon as you start watering it. If you noticed your turf is turning brown, don’t wait too long before watering it, as long periods of dryness will kill grassroots.

My turf is dead, can it grow back?

Yes, it can grow back, but the question is, how long the grass has been dead? If your lawn has been dead for about 3 to 5 weeks, don’t worry that can be regrown. With proper care, watering, and fertilising, you will be surprised that it can recover and look green all over again!

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