My lawn has heat-stress damage. What do I do now?

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Heat stressed is the description commonly used to describe dehydrated or just plain thirsty lawn and there are a variety of causes for this problem.

If you keep your lawn hydrated, heat is great growing weather and you can still have a fantastic looking lawn.

Prevention is always better than cure so we recommend putting out your catch cups before the heat arrives to check your retic is delivering adequate water to your lawn and while you are there check your gardens too.

If you have a problem refer to our troubleshooting guide on our web page and if you can’t solve it use our enquiry form for advice specific to your lawn.

What do I do with my heat-stress lawn in Perth?

A heatwave is a big test for your lawn and will show up any areas that need just a bit more attention. Take advantage of what your lawn is telling you and address the problem/s to achieve the beautiful, healthy and economical lawn you deserve.

My lawn has heat-stress damage. What do I do now?

If your lawn suffered heat stress damage and you have checked ✅adequate and consistent water was applied with catch-cups ✅wetting agent has been applied and working and ✅compaction and ✅thatch are not the issue then it is most likely your lawn does not have a sufficient root system to survive on the recommended watering recommendations in its current condition and location.

Radiant heat from adjacent roads and reflective heat from white fences are often problem areas and a little more attention in these situations may be required to get their roots down.

We recommend having dig and checking your root growth in heat-effected areas and addressing the issue now. You may even find buried rubble, rocks or a similar root-restricting and root-cooking issue/s. Remove undesirable material if you do.

  • Give these areas an additional deep soak when high temperatures are expected.
  • If you have a layer of dead leaf now, this leaf can become hydrophobic itself. Apply some wetting agent to help the water ‘slip through’ that dead layer.
  • Feed with Eco red and raise your mowing height to stimulate root growth.
  • Some Eco Vital or Seasol will help both root growth and help your lawn cope with the recent stress.
  • A light top dress with a Gingin Loam and aged chicken manure mix will also help recovery and breakdown the dead leaf layer.
  • Also take note of these problem areas and in the cooler weather give them a good deep aeration with a pitchfork.

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